Welcome to Noble Custom Australian Shepherd Ranch

Here at Noble Custom Australian Shepherd Ranch, we breed one to two litters per year of ASDR Registered Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherds also referred to as Mini and Toy Aussies. Located in the heart of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina our dogs live in the home with us and puppies are raised to be adaptable for inside and outside. 
Our puppies are handled by me and my husband from birth, and as they grow there are plenty of opportunities to socialize with other family members including children, run and play both inside and out in our fenced play yard. They are raised in my home by their “crew” and are handled A LOT to ensure the comfort of human touch.
Aussies come in a variety of colors black tri, black bi, red tri, red bi, blue merle, and red merle. The eye color varies as well, blue, amber and brown. Some may have one blue eye and one brown eye. Some may have blue eyes with a flake of brown or visa versa.  
Some Australian Shepherds have a full fluffy coat, referred to as a show coat and others have a flatter coat referred to as a working coat. Some Aussies are what is called "High Drive" meaning they need a job like working on a ranch or farm. Or they will do well in competitions like agility, dock diving, or scent work. Some Australian Shepherds are couch potatoes or what is called a lower drive, these dogs work well as service dogs or just snuggle buddies.